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Expand Your Business Reach With Us 

Why You Can Join Us?

Because you can showcase your products to countless customers  24 hours a day in North america & India. It's not only a service but its an opportunity for small-mid sized entrepreneurs to launch their products in North America and Indian market while sitting anywhere in the world.

Start your journey with us and expand your business reach.

Who Can Join us ?

Marketing & Customer Acquisition

We can help you with

Helping Brands to Scale Up

We will help you scale up your brand and business by acquiring new clients and optimising your products for target consumers and market


Amazon & Walmart Seller Consultant

If you want to sell your products on Amazon or Walmart to increase your sales, then we will list your products their and become your seller consultant for Amazon and Wallmart


Free Warehouse Facility

In case, a customer cancels an order we will provide warehouse facility for your product in Canada and try to resell it. If it doesn’t resale, we’ll either return or destroy it (subjected to terms and condition)

Logo Tag

Product Labelling & Branding

If you don’t have a product label or a logo, we will design it for you to make it more suitable and compliant to target North American customers

product maketting.jpg

Product Marketing

We will market your product digitally through inhouse marketing to increase your sales. If required we'll do influencer marketing to spread product awareness for customer acquisation

Shipping Boxes
Sell Your Products Internationally With Us
Start your journey today!
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