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About Us

We are a Canada based Medical Device Company dedicated to supplying safe, genuine and superior quality products for medical and personal use.

Vision Statement

We focus in improving the quality and the accessibility when it comes to medical care and aim to modernize different methods in the field of health service. Our aim also includes in finding out effective solutions and innovations that will help to contribute in the field of modern healthcare. Care, Comfort and Dignity are a part of our values. We are dedicated in providing the best quality products for medical and personal use.

Who We Are

At Great Lakes Polyfab, it is our belief that in order to bring improvement in the comfort of the customers and in order to bring them dignity through our services, innovation in the science of care is important. Comfort and dignity for patients as well as providing a helping hand for those in need has always been a part of our mission. Our values also include creating effective solutions that may apply to any medical issues. Also, up to date and innovative care for the patients that need it. We also automate health care data so that all of the right information reaches out to the right people.

We, here at Great Lakes Polyfab focus in solving different problems, in various different absorbencies. We produce a wide range of different medical care products and offer all visitors and customers the convenience of purchasing them online or by post, so that we can deliver the products at their homes. The packaging is safe and discreet and we deliver it with care. As medical devices is also one of the fastest growing areas within the life sciences, the broad industry develops many devices and new innovations are happening everyday. Great Lakes Polyfab is determined in providing nothing but the best to every single person that requires any medical services.


Great Lakes Polyfab wants to serve the people in need as we keep applying our sciences in order to make a great impact in their lives. We hope to expand and improve with every passing day and help individuals succeed and accomplish more in the field of health care and medical care.


We are a Ontario based importer for  personal protection equipment (PPE) and other medical textile products.  All of our products are FDA, NIOSH and CE (Certificate European) approved. 

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