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Great Lake Polyfab is an online marketplace that allows sellers to sell their products to customers all around Canada. We list the best through our careful selection so you know you are selling among the best. Our business is geared towards uniqueness and creativity so independent small sellers are very much welcomed. We will market all the listed products for customer acquisition to make them successful on our platform.

Why Sell Through Us?


Get charged when you sell:

You have to pay our commission only after you sell your product(s) i.e. 20% (10% commission + 5% marketing fee + 5% payment process fee)


Unlimited listings:

You can list as many products you want to list with us subjected to our team’s decision. No amount will be charged for listing or registering with us.


Sell fewer products:

You don't need to have an array of products to start selling with us. With fewer products also you will be showcased with good visibility.


Regulated easy payments via Paypal:

You can get your payments directly via Paypal securely and hassle-free.


Personalised services with an account manager:

You get personalised services with a representative to speak in case you have any query or issue. We also provide a dedicated account manager to expand your sales growth exponentially


Canadian owned & run:

Great LAke Polyfab is a domestic online marketplace owned and run by a Canadian. So you easily rely on our operations and in case of any problem contact us conveniently


Sell products with brand identity intact:

You can sell your products with your name or company’s name on it. Your brand name or identity won’t be compromised.

How It Works?

Register Yourself with Us:

Start your journey with us by registering yourself with us without any registration fees. Once you register, we send an e-mail to know more about your products and business

List Your Products for Free:

List your products without a listing fee. We ensure to give your products maximum visibility to increase the sales. 

Get your Product Labelled & Branded:

If you don’t have a label or a brand name, we will design label and logo for your product to market and sell

Deliver your products to the customers:

Once a customer places an order for your product(s) you will be immediately notified by an email so you can deliver the packed product to the customer on time

Receive Secure Payments:

We ensure your payments will be deposited to your bank account directly. A commission will be charged only after you make a sale


For Individuals

  • Current Business Number

  • ID Proof

  • PayPal Account

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