Do I need a business number to sell on Great Lakes Polyfab Inc.?

Yes, you must have a current BN to sell on Great Lakes Polyfab Inc. You also must have liability and insurance coverage.

What is “Selling on Great Lakes Polyfab Inc.”?

Selling on Great Lakes Polyfab Inc. is a program that allows individual sellers and businesses to sell their products and inventory through Great Lakes Polyfab Inc. Great Lakes Polyfab Inc. is an importer and distributor in Canada and allows showcasing your products to a wider audience in North America. You also get help in product optimisation with Great Lakes Polyfab Inc.'s expertise and team for sourcing marketing and sales.

Why should I sell my products on Great Lakes Polyfab Inc.?

We provide you a platform to put your product(s) in front of thousands of potential customers. Also, we allow you to start selling your products quickly and faster than setting your business website or a physical store to reach customers and then sell your products.

Can I list my products on all Great Lakes Polyfab Inc. channels?

Yes, you can and to do so generate a request regarding it and our team will get in touch with you.

How much will be charged for selling on Great Lakes Polyfab Inc.?

The charged amount will depend on the type of the product you want to sell and the licensing and labelling compliances related to it. Our team will discuss and decide the chargeable amount by considering all the factors and requirements.

Also, for your information, our team works on compliance, acquiring and maintaining licences in Canada and other regulatory affairs. We offer retention models too.

How are the items priced on Great Lakes Polyfab Inc. Canada Marketplace?

Great Lakes Polyfab Inc. Marketplace sellers set the price for their entire catalogue.

Do I need to summit any security deposit to start selling on Great Lakes Polyfab Inc. online marketplace?

Great Lakes Polyfab Inc. requires a nominal amount to be deposited as a security deposit. In case you fail to deliver the product on time or your delivered product fails to match our standard of quality and quantity, then Great Lakes Polyfab Inc. will deduct an amount from your security deposit.

How do I manage my selling account?

You don’t have to worry about it. Our team will help you to manage your account.

Do I need to deliver a product to the customer?

Yes, the seller has to deliver the product to the place of delivery, mentioned by the buyer while placing an order. We have our logistics partner that work for us to ensure end to end deliveries, which would be included in the cost and discussed during on boarding. In case you want to use the warehouse facility please get in touch to know more.

Can I offer gift-wrap and gift messaging services to my customers on Great Lakes Polyfab Inc.?

Definitely. Our Gift Messaging service lets customers write notes for individual items or entire orders, and our Gift-Wrap service lets them select and pay for gift wrapping each item in their order.

Will I get a refund?

Refunds are based on the individual policies and processes of the individual maker. All refunds and repairs are granted based on Ontario Jurisdiction. Also, refunds are not granted, if a customer changes his or her mind to buy a product.

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