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Register with Us & Expand your Business Reach Internationally

Why Sell Through Us?


Expand your Market Internationally:

Our selling platform allows you to sell your products to customers in North America from your home


Increase your Sales Growth:

We give you a platform to expand your business reach to the international market which will increase your sales and profit upto 70%.


No Additional Costs:

You can list your products with us for free without any marketing cost or registration fees.


Launch and Monitor your Product Performance:

You can launch your product comfortably from home and monitor their performance.


Get our International Local Address:

Local address builds the confidence of a customer in a product so we will give you our local address to win the confidence of international customers and fulfills regulatory requirements for licenced products.


Product Marketing and Customer Acquisition:

We will market your products digitally on different social media platforms to acquire more customers.


Customer Care & Support:

We will provide 24-hour customer care and support facility for all our suppliers to solve their queries and issues.

How It Works?

List Your Products for Free:

Start your journey with us by listing your products on Great Lakes Polyfab. We ensure to give your products maximum visibility to increase the sales

Receive New Orders Immediately:

As we will market your product for customer acquisition, you will receive new orders immediately after your listed products go live on our website

Get Picking, Shipping and Delivery Support:

We will provide a free picking, international shipping and delivering services through our logistics partners

Get Free Warehouse Facility:

In case, a customer cancels an order we will provide warehouse facility for your product in Canada and try to resell it. If it doesn’t resale, we’ll destroy or buy it from you.

Get your Product Labelled & Branded:

If you don’t have a label or a brand name, we will design label and logo for your product to market and sell

Receive Quick Payments:

We ensure your payments will be deposited to your bank account directly within a few days of shipment of an order. A commission will be charged only after you make a sale


For Individuals

  • ID Card

  • Address Proof

  • Bank Account

For Company

  • Company Registration Documents

  • Official Address Proof

  • Bank Account

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Who are our target customers?

Overall 994667 Indian who live in Canada

239 Indian immigrating everyday to Canada

Canadians who are influenced by indian culture

Asian who are interested to buy indian products

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